Voice Over: What Are Your Expectations?

As a voice actor and marketing/business consultant, the most common question my clients come to me with is simply, "Where do I begin?"

Today it's easier than ever before to begin a career in the voice over industry. The community is a wonderful one, the work is incredibly fun, and the investment required to begin is certainly modest....especially when compared to the capital required when starting other businesses.

Many begin with the best of intentions but give up when the reality of the industry doesn't meet their expectations. That's often because the expectations were never made clear in the first place!

So here it is:

Expect to be a business owner.

  1. Research- Read about the industry (acting, breathing, vocal health, editing, auditioning etc.), learn the language and community etiquette, find out who is who, join Facebook groups, listen and learn from those actively working in the industry. There are many trusted groups in our industry that I love but the most helpful for me personally has been Voice Over Camp by Terry Daniel.

  2. Training- Find a coach and more importantly, a mentor. I don't personally know of any professional talents in the voice over industry who don't consistently train with at least one coach, go to conventions, or attend webinars/classes and keep meticulously up to date with the industry.

  3. Practice- Practice, practice, practice. Just like professional athletes continue to train with their coach, you should continue to train with yours!

  4. Sundays Are For Snoozing- Take care of yourself while you're studying so hard and set aside time for some quality R&R.

  5. Sound Studio and Equipment– Get them. It isn't my forte and there are many (many) engineers out there who will gladly (gladly) educate you

  6. Business Time- Become a business owner. Lear how to market and brand yourself while also delivering impeccable customer service.

Contact us today to start your voiceover business!

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