Being a voiceover talent is more than sitting and reading in front of a microphone. Not only will you need to learn the craft of voice acting but you also need to have a head for business and be skillful at tech. We'll help you get there!


Whether you're brand new and just starting up your voiceover business or you're a working pro looking to grow your company, we're here to help.​ We believe each voice talent is unique and deserves to be treated like an individual.


Below you'll find a basic description of our available courses. However, we believe in working with each student individually to address their specific needs as a voice actor.


Contact us so we can build a custom and unique course tailored just for you!


Sink your teeth into our world famous Big Kahuna program. This course is recommended for those without any experience. You'll get nine one-on-one coaching sessions, two group classes a month, two voiceover demos recorded in a professional recording studio, one custom made, user friendly website designed by our talented webmaster, unlimited access to all future group classes after course completion and a lifetime of customer service. Scroll to the bottom of this page to view the full curriculum. 

Tuition: $3,200

Big Kahuna
Baby Kahuna


This course is recommended for those without any experience. You'll get six one-on-one coaching sessions, two group classes a month, one voiceover demo recorded in a professional recording studio, unlimited access to all future group classes after course completion and a lifetime of customer service.

Tuition: $2,200 

Kahuna Jr.


This course is recommended for voiceover professionals who need a refresher. It is not recommended, if you're brand new to the business. You'll get two one-on-one coaching sessions and one professional demo recorded in a professional recording studio.

Tuition $1,400

Kahuna Sliders


Recommended for talents on a budget who want to stay up to date in all things voiceover. You'll get an average of two group classes a month for one whole year, plus access to the "student only" YouTube channel, where all class recordings are archived.

Tuition $500

The Crew

Terry Daniel

Terry Daniel owns Universal Voice Talent. He's been a successful voice actor for nearly 20 years and is the head coach of all training programs. His clients include Subaru of America, Stone Mountain Park, Great Clips, Hormel, Bank of America, Minnesota Twins, Six Flags and many more! In his spare time, he enjoys running, camping, singing, baseball and could easily eat popcorn for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Rob Marley

With a background in audio engineering, Rob has worked both sides of the microphone as an accomplished voiceover artist, producer, editor and writer. Clients such as BMW, Toyota, Google, The University of Texas, PBS and many others have trusted Rob and his warm, professional (and sometimes downright creepy) voice. Hobbies include camping, Kendo, motorcycles and cat-herding.

Trish Basanyi

A full-time talent since 2004, Trish is our most recent addition to the coaching team. Aside from voicing for many Fortune 500 companies for both commercial and narration projects over the years, she brings a ton of experience to the table in several other important aspects of the business including marketing, networking, and script deconstruction. And watch out….she’s a spelling and punctuation nerd and will call you out if she catches you on something! Also obsessed with anything purple or fermented. Brews her own kombucha, and is an avid craft beer snob.

Jan Anderson

Jan comes to voiceover by way of stage acting, and having more stage and recording studio experience from being a musician. He's been a full time voice actor for a number of years, specializing in elearning and explainer video narration with plenty of commercial and telephony work sprinkled in. He's worked for companies like Google, Chevrolet, PepsiCo, Amazon, Toys 'R Us, Wells Fargo, Rubbermaid and a ton of others. His thin veneer of professionalism is easily worn away, exposing a vile and irritating buffoon...Just ask his wife!

Garnet Williams

Garnet Williams is an award winning writer, audio producer and voice actor who, like many VO's, started in radio. Voicing commercials there led to him striking out as a voice actor who specializes in commercials, e-learning, TV narration, animation and radio imaging. Garnet is also a college Professor, teaching writing, production, and voicing skills. Directing talent as a producer has given him a unique perspective as a talent on the other side of the glass, and he enjoys bringing that knowledge to the students he coaches.

Garnet Williams Pic.jpg
Gina Scarpa

Gina Scarpa is a full-time voice talent from Connecticut whose roots began in radio back in 1998. After spending nearly a decade on-air on both CT & NY stations, she moved on to entertainment reporting and podcasting. Her recent voiceover clients include L'Oreal, IKEA, Walmart, and VSP, as well as a national commercial with Invesco. She can be heard in the upcoming VR game Eye Of The Temple as The Guardian and in ads for the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms. Gina is also the Owner/Creative Director of Positive Voices Studio, where she also manages 20 talented child and teen voice actors.

Gina Scarpa Pic.jpg

What's Inside

We are four successful voice actors who understand and remember what it's like to start out in voiceover. We have outlined our most popular option for the new business owner below. However, we offer customization on all of our programs and would love to talk to you about how we can meet your specific needs as a voiceover talent and business owner.  Please contact us to discuss your expectations so we can create a program tailored especially for you!

World famous Big Kahuna



Sessions 1-3: Script Analysis and Performance

One of the coaches from our team will work with you on your delivery and interpretation of commercial or narration voiceover scripts.


Session 4: Voiceover Recording and Home Studio Setup

In this session, Jan will work with you on your most pressing studio needs - whether it be to put together your recording space, improve the audio quality of your space, or to help you refine your recording process.

Session 5-7: Script Analysis and Performance

In these three sessions, we'll get back to working on your delivery and interpretation of both commercial and narration voiceover scripts.

Session 8: Voiceover Marketing with Trish 

In this session, Trish will discuss with you some integrated strategies for your voiceover business! She will give you the information you need to make sure your demos are heard, so you can start booking work! 

Sessions 9: Demo Preparation

In this session, you will work with your coach to rehearse your demo scripts! Be prepared with any questions you have regarding your upcoming in-studio experience.

Finale: It's Demo Day!

This will be your voiceover demo session in a recording studio. Your coach will direct you live via phone patch, Skype, or Source Connect. If you live in Minneapolis, Terry will direct you in person! 


Saturday Group Classes (With Terry)

Group classes take place twice a month. Every other class is a script class, while the others include topics like recording, auditioning, marketing and many more! Most classes take place Saturday mornings with an occasional weekday evening. All group classes are recorded so if you can't make all of them, you can always watch and listen on the the private "student only" YouTube channel! The YouTube channel also features helpful training modules. You'll have access to this channel as part of your program!

Voiceover coaching sessions take place via Zoom, Skype or Phone

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