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Where and how do the coaching sessions take place?

Coaching sessions will take place via Skype, GoToMeeting, or an approved Messenger App. All appointments subject to rescheduling (including demo recording sessions) based on the coach's discretion and availability. Our philosophy is based around the simple principle that quality can not be rushed. We feel that both mentor and voice talent should be confident and ready before demo time!

How Long Do The Courses Take To Complete?

Our courses are customized for our students and we strongly believe in working with you at your own pace! That being said, you can typically expect:

The Big Kahuna - 3 month+ program

The Baby Kahuna - 2 month+ program

Kahuna Jr - 1 month+ program

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Tuition is preferred upfront due to the cost associated with starting your program. If this isn't possible, we''ll gladly discuss a payment plan. Please contact us so we can work together to find a plan that's right for you. 

How Long Are The 1-On-1 Sessions?

Our 1-on-1 sessions are 45-60 minutes in length.

What If I Have To Cancel A Session? Can I Reschedule It?

We're very flexible! You do not have to schedule your sessions at the same day and time every week. You can cancel and submit a request to reschedule your coaching session. We do appreciate 24 hours notice for cancellations and reschedules! 

How Do I Book My Demo?

Congratulations! It's demo time! At the end of your training program, your coach will let you know it is time to book your demo. After scheduling a day and time to record your demo with your coach, find a recording studio in your area. You'll want to find a place that offers 60 minute demo sessions for voice over talents. The studio's recording fee is covered up to $100 when you sign up for a Universal Voice Talent course!


When you call to make an appointment with the studio, you'll want to ask the engineer the following questions:

  • "Do you offer 60 minute recording sessions for voice over talents? We only need the raw files, no producing or effects necessary on your end!"

  • "How much do your charge for a 60 minute session?"

  • (If your coach is directing your remotely as opposed to in person) "My coach will be directing me remotely live. Do you have the ability to make that happen by either phone patch, skype or facetime?" (Note- we can always direct a session via speaker phone but phone patch is ideal!)

  • "The session needs to be recorded at 41,000, 16 bit mono, is that a possibility?"

  • "Would you be able to send the recordings along with the studio fee invoice to Terry Daniel at Terry@UniversalVoiceTalent.com?"

How Long Does It Take For UVT To Produce My Demo?

We want your demo to be perfect! After we receive the files from the recording studio, the production process usually take 4-6 weeks.

Ok, I Have My Demo...Now What?

You've had the basic training, you've got the website, and you're the proud owner of a beautiful demo. Make sure you don't just let it sit on your computer! Now is the time to market yourself, submit to agencies, and begin auditioning. Now is the time to apply everything you've learned from all of those marketing sessions and  launch your new business! Remember that we're you're mentors and we're here to help you with this process as well.