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By Terry Daniel

Universal Voice Talent

Experienced Professionals. Exceptional Services.

Whether you’re brand new to the business of voice acting or a seasoned professional reinvesting back into their company and craft, we have something for you!


We have several services, coaches, and one-on-one options to help you reach your goals as not only a voiceover artist but as an individual business owner.

We believe that each voiceover talent is unique and should be treated as such. We have four basic programs to choose from but all are customizable based on your needs.  


We offer invaluable one-on-one coaching sessions where you’ll learn:


  • How to interpret and deliver commercial, narration, audiobook, (and more!) scripts

  • Take and apply direction

  • Mic Technique

  • How to record, edit, and export your recordings.

  • Which microphone, headphones, and other studio equipment is right for you (taught via screenshare on Skype!)

  • How to submit your demos to producers and agents

  • What a voiceover website should look like

  • How to compose an effective marketing email

  • Branding

  • Networking

  • Demos with original, custom scripts

  • Mentors that stick with you, even after the program has been completed.


We’re passionate about the voiceover industry and helping those who have what it takes to succeed. If you’re serious about starting your voiceover business, we’d love to interview you! Our availability is limited and space fills fast. While we would love to work with everyone, Universal Voice Talent is on a first come, first serve basis.


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